Welcome to Radis!

You are here probably because you don’t want to be one of the thousands of people who go to great expense to have their dream house only to find themselves in a heap of brick and mortar, which falls a thousand miles short of their lowest expectations; an ugly imitation of what they had in mind!

Here at Radis we have made it our business and commitment to put you in the most comfortable, luxurious place you could only see in your dreams before you met our innovative, resourceful crew of architects, designers and engineers whose job is to make your dreams come true.

The challenges we have been coping with over the years have given us the invaluable experience, which, when it dovetails into our innovation and knowledge, can help us any architectural and aesthetic demand made by the most difficult clients. No matter what takes your fancy – classic, modern, gothic, Arabic – what have you – you only have to name it and leave the rest to us. Simple as that!

So put your dreams down in before our staff and we will put them up right before your eyes!

A brief history of Radis!

Esfahan Radis centre for art and engineering is made up of a team of engineers and designers, who we are brought together by Mohsen Rajaee, the founder, who handpicked the members from away the best engineers and architects he meet in his time as a teacher.

Radis is an ancient Persian word meaning ‘compasses’, which, being a key instrument used by ancient Persian architects, seemed like an apt name for our institute.


The section of the website you will find useful and interesting is the DESIGN ORDER section. All you need to do is sign up, go straight to this section and tell us what you want us to plan and design for you.


Before the DESIGN ORDER you must REGISTER


Project application steps

First, from the menu at the top of the page, pick the type of place you want planned or designed. Submit your order and we will be in touch shortly.

Once you fill us in on the specifics, we will give you the cost, and the time we need to complete your project.

Upon your agreement, you will have the contract to sign l, put down a deposit and our team will set to work.

Our team will draw up the initial draft according to the specifics you provided. We might contact you if there are any questions as to what exactly you have in mind.

The initial draft will be sent over to you. If there is anything in this draft that doesn't meet your expectations, you will be get back to us and we will talk over the changes and alterations you want in the design. Once you find the design precisely to your satisfaction, we will finalise the draft and send you the bill.

Even after the initial draft is complete, you can still have three chances to order any changes, before you make the final payment.

Finally, after payment, you will receive the full details of the design, including the measurements, the type of material you will need and where you get it supplied to you. We can work with you until you complete your project.